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Met a girl, tried to sleep drunk - stood up.
Tried to sleep sober - came during the petting, although I haven't even stood up. And immediately called parents that come, didn't have time to wait for the second coming of erection. Although I generally have little faith.

Tomorrow another attempt with the same girl.Sale 10mg CIalis Phoenix, Arizona!

And I desperately needed to finally not screw things up.

That it is possible to do this? Please tell me.

The main problem is that I don't know what to fear. It may quickly give up, and does not stand.

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As better:
To masturbate, do not masturbate to me today, tomorrow?
To take, not to take viagra?
To drink, not to drink?
I'm 21 years old. There was only 1 sex, long and stable (Yes, 1 time is enough, well, it so happened). Exercise, don't smoke. Intervals masturbate, try not more than twice a week.

The problem, as many firmly hard-on caresses and petting, but falls when putting on a condom. Or stands up, but quickly end up (almost right at the entrance) with a new partner. I think it's psychogenic problem, because worried. And health is all fine.

Viagra or if you're shy, Levitra.
First time do it quickly, nothing to be ashamed of, but within 5 minutes you're ready for another run.

I'm somewhere in the amount of 4 pills eaten. Initially to 0.5 and then to 0.25, or even split the pill into 4 pieces. Then I realized that to stand we need to score on a riser at all, and everything returned to normal.

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